At QHC, every department is important, and all contribute in making us who we are today. Click on any of the departments you are interested in knowing their roles in QHC. Information from various departments can be obtained at the department concerned.

This department carries out ranges of administrative functions that supports and foster the treatment and recovery of each client at our facility. At QHC our team is known to undertake standardized office routines, exchanging information at the centre. We reply and distribute mails promptly, and attend to all telephone contacts for enquiries and other information.

There are various units that form this department;

  • Accounts,
  • Computer,
  • The front desk,
  • Transportation
  • Attendants, and
  • Maintenance

We all work together to achieve our vision of helping our clients

The physical and health department takes care of recreation activities for both clients and staff. They promote and maintain the physical, mental and emotional well-being of QHC community using variety of techniques and activities including sports, games, dance, movements, and community outings.

This centre has been the envy of others as the entire community takes part in all forms of activities. Our programs such as picnic, indoor games, quizzes, riddles and jokes, movie nights, barbecue evenings, and clients-staff competitions are in themselves therapeutic to all.

We at QHC are at all times alive and active, devoid of depression, stress and anxiety.

We ensure that every activity is aimed at fostering the general health and well being of every client. Various forms of relaxation techniques to reduce stress, tension, such as stretching and limbering exercise are utilized by our team of specialists

Because we provide a holistic treatment for all our clients at QHC, our chaplain take care of the spiritual issues clients may have. He is actively involved with counselling of clients on such, and related matters.

He also conducts the 12-steps Recovery programme as well as worship services and prayer sessions for both staff members and clients


Our teams of Doctors at QHC works round the clock to attend to the medical needs of all our clients. They conduct ward rounds, make diagnoses and prescriptions, as well as review medications of clients appropriately. With years of experience in the treatment and management of substance abuse and related mental illnesses, our team of highly competent doctors comprises of psychiatrists, family physicians and others specialists.


Our team of professional Staff Nurse at QHC is responsible for the day to day patient care and treatment of the clients at the Centre. They dispense medications, clean and dress wounds of clients as needed, as well as the provision of necessary medical care to clients on a daily basis such as checking blood pressure

The Head Nurse (the Matron) provides leadership, and as well as administrative and training function within the Centre for the Nursing Staff.

The nursing department works 24 hours to ensure that our clients get the best care they require during the treatment program.


We are fully equipped at QHC to cater for the occupational and vocational needs of each client. Our team of Occupational therapists endeavors to motivate and train clients in various skill acquisition programs and activities at the centre.

We have various vocational and occupational training programs which form part of the treatment a client is to undergo at the centre, including fashion design, art and craft, computer application etc. This is to ensure that our clients are well equipped to compete in the competitive market after discharge.


We have a highly qualified and trained team of professional Clinical Psychologists with years of experience in the treatment of substance abuse and related psychopathology. They are concerned with individual psychological care, psychotherapy and counseling of Clients.

Following current research and knowledge we equip clients with the essential psychological skills that they require as well as the acquisition of craving management skills. Our team of dynamic Psychologist is trusted for this.

Among other things, they conduct clinical assessments and meet the psychological needs of the clients. Here at QHC, our team of Clinical Psychologist does not end their treatment at the discharge of a client but also carry out follow-up and aftercare programs for our discharged clients.


Our centre has the most competent team of Social Workers. They train clients in the development of personal and interpersonal social skills, and requisite coping skills such that upon reentry into the society they will be able to function appropriately.

They also support and address areas of determined need with regard to personal, interpersonal, and intrapersonal relational skills development, in addition to ensuring that all lingering social and family matters of clients are addressed and properly resolved.

The center provides periodic updates to client’s Parent/Guardian during treatment. Our team of social workers is known to carry out this task effectively.

We have records of broken marriages and homes that have been mended and reunited through the efforts and professional skills of our social workers. Check our testimony page to read stories of such.

Our Education department at QHC is involved in all aspects of the educational and learning needs of the centre. It coordinates all the educational programs for the clients as well as conducts training, research, and internship programs.



In order to ensure that our clients pursue their goals and aspirations in life after the treatment program we have a team of highly qualified educationist in various fields that attend to our clients. Regardless of the stage in which our client’s education has been disrupted, we endeavor to support them to aspire for greatness even while undergoing treatment with us. We have been preparing and are continuing to prepare our clients to sit for WAEC and Jamb, and other professional examinations.

We also attend to the educational needs of clients with special needs. QHC is the only treatment centre which provides and enables our clients to carry out online programs such as Open University, online courses and other trainings


Over the years QHC has come to be a leading organization that have been involved in training students on internship programs from various institutions of learning, including resident doctors. So far, we have successfully trained various individuals and staff members of some leading organizations including personnel of Ministry of Defense and the Nigerian Army.

We undertake trainings in substance abuse and various aspects of rehabilitation for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Among the institutions that we partner with are reputable institutions as University of Jos, Ecwa Theological Seminary, Federal college of Education, and many more.

In addition, we are involved in, and partner in areas of research and development.


As part of our community service we mobilize and carry out outreaches, Public awareness and drug abuse/addiction campaigns and advocacy visits to communities from time to time. We have been known to be the leading body that promulgates the fight against substance abuse and community development programs.

Our team of qualified caterers at the facility is responsible for preparing meals for all the clients.

Here at QHC, we provide to all clients balanced diet meals – just like home, prepared under a hygienic environment in our well equipped kitchen. We ensure that meals are served at appropriate times. We also train clients; especially those who desire to pursue a career in catering or related fields.

Our team of highly trained security officers at QHC ensure protection of lives and property at the facility. They investigate disturbances and respond promptly to harm related behaviuor as well as ensure that substances are not smuggled into the centre.

It is our desire to ensure the safety and security of all clients. At QHC, our well trained personnel prevent the passage/use of prohibited articles and devices into and within the facility.

In an attempt to ensure absolute confidentiality of clients, we monitor all visitors and restrict presence of unauthorized persons in and around the premises. We make use of detecting device to screen clients and all persons coming into our facility to ensure our clients are all safe and relaxed.