Quintessential Healthcare Centre

Quintessential Healthcare Centre (QHC) is a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) involved in treatment and rehabilitation; with experience in helping men and women overcome substance abuse / addiction.

The Centre also provides treatment for psychological disorders.

Substance abuse with its attendance health and social consequences is a worldwide problem and it is very prevalent in Nigeria. The abuse of substance or addiction often leads to physical diseases like Liver Cirrhosis, Cancer, Stroke, and Psychiatric disorders e.g. Depression and Psychosis, and social consequences like: Traffic fatalities, Crime, Child and Spousal abuse and suicide. Worst still, the battle for the prevention of spread of HIV/AIDS cannot be waged successfully without giving due consideration to the prevention and treatment of substance abuse.

Unfortunately, while much attention is paid to the prevention of drug trafficking, relatively very little effort is geared towards treatment and rehabilitation of substance abusers and addicts.

QHC is committed to providing evidenced -base support and care to clients who are experiencing difficulty in breaking free from substance misuse and all individuals who require healing in their psychological, emotional and mental health.


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