Ø  Since inception our facility has been rendering effective interventions to all clients without any interruptions in forms of strike actions, riots or breakouts.

Ø  We are the only NGO that has been nominated as a treatment model centre by the United Nations Office on Drug Control (UNODC) in Nigeria.

Ø  We provide a platform for internship and training for institutions and organizations, as well as research centre. We have so far successfully trained Resident doctors, Clinical Psychologist, Seminarians and many others.

Ø  We undertake the treatment and management of related aspects of treatment such as trauma healing, anger management effectively, etc

Ø  We have provided a holistic treatment service unlike any other, in which clients continue their educational pursuit even while undergoing treatment, example is the on-line programs.

Ø  We partner with other NGO’s in areas of common interest in which we share similar vision.

This achievements would not have been possible without the input of you our Partners